"For the past seven years Phillip Holland has been at the forefront of my musical education. He has dedicated his life to the trumpet and has tried to pass on his experiences and advice to me. Over the years, Mr. Holland has helped me succeed in my competitions and auditions by motivating me to work harder than my peers. This work ethic and dedication has translated over to and influenced the way I work in all other aspects of my life. The advice and wisdom he has given me goes much farther than just music. Every day he teaches me something new about how to live life respectfully and obtain happiness in whatever I choose to do. As far as teachers go, Mr. Holland is definitely incomparable to any other. The way he teaches is unique, goofy, and philosophical, but at the same time he is completely professional and incredibly knowledgeable in what he does. No other teacher has ever had such a significant impact on my life or inspired me to the same extent.” 

I wrote this in 2011 as a senior in high school when I nominated Phil as my most inspiring professor. None of what I wrote has changed, but I would like to expand on what I said back then about this incredible guy.

Phil is still, and I suspect will continue to be, the most inspiring and influential professor I have had. The incredible trumpet experience and expertise this guy has to offer, in addition to his unique ability to teach and motivate through values, makes taking lessons with this guy a one-of-a-kind experience.

When I think back on my lessons with him, I don’t think of the exercises or etudes he assigned, or even of the way he made me want to be a better trumpet player. I think of the way he motivated me to be a better person. There’s no doubt that the lessons he teaches made me a better musician, but I believe they did so through teaching me to want to excel and be better in every aspect of my life. Similar to what comes out of the horn being a direct result of the way you practice, Phil taught me that what you get from life is a direct result of the way you choose to live it. 

Thanks Phil!